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Freezer Repair in Palm Springs CA - (760) 536-7811

Is your freezer not keeping your food frozen?

If so, there are a few possible reasons for this and all of them can be solved by installing the right freezer parts. Obviously something is malfunctioning inside, so it’s a matter of figuring out what. You can get one of our Palm Springs freezer repair experts to determine that for you.

We can enter your business or home, within commute of central Palm Springs CA, and inspect your freezer to figure out what is wrong. From there, we will determine the most cost-effective solution available and run it by you to see how you wish to proceed. Supposing you are happy with our freezer repair quote, we can go out and purchase the freezer parts in Palm Springs CA for you.

Then, once you get invoiced for our freezer repair service you will have to pay for the labor and any freezer parts that were bought for your appliance. Thankfully when we get your parts from a Palm Springs CA parts shop, any of the savings we get is passed on to you.

If you come to us for your freezer repair in Palm Springs CA and it’s your first interaction with us, you can take advantage of our $10-off coupon offer. As most freezer fixes are pretty inexpensive, this will drag down your costs even more. As with every freezer repair in Palm Springs CA that we take on, you will just face the labor and parts costs so there is no need to concern yourself over any potentially deceptive fees.

If you are weary about whether fixing your freezer makes sense versus replacing it, call up and run the details by us so you can get a second opinion.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

When you try to close your chest freezer, does the door bounce back up? If so, the first thing you should check is whether there is any food inside that’s blocking it from closing properly. If not, look all around the seal to see if dirt is blocking it. If it’s an older model, there’s also a small chance the hinges for the freezer door need replaced or tweaked. Here is a quick home remedy: apply a small coating of Vaseline all over the seal to make it close shut better.


Palm Springs Appliance Repair Pros

1775 E Palm Canyon Dr #110-8, Palm Springs, CA 92264

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