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Washer Repair in Palm Springs CA - (760) 536-7811

From a sudden leak to constant rocking, no washing machine issue should be pushed aside at all.

The damage can become very serious real fast, as leakage can cause electrical issues and could even spark a fire. If you are not familiar with the various washer parts and how they work, then you absolutely must rely on a professional washer repair service. We are one of many Palm Springs washer repair companies you can choose from; have you ever wondered how a typical appliance repair service call works?

First we do a verbal diagnosis over the phone, which mainly consists of you explaining what’s not working right with your washer. Then we set up an appointment to diagnose and ideally fulfill your washer repair in Palm Springs CA from within your business or residence.

We provide stand-out services and our higher level of excellence in Palm Springs CA has spoken for that. In our many years operating as a leading service provider for washer repair in Palm Springs CA, we have seen just about every washer repair issue you could imagine.

No matter how difficult it is, or which washer parts you need to do the repair, we will see to it that all our Palm Springs CA clients are left with perfectly working appliances. In every repair job we take on, all our Palm Springs washer repair clients receive the same discounts we do from parts suppliers -- and they get $10 off their first-time repair.

So pick up the phone and give us a call to arrange an appointment -- whether it’s an emergency situation or you’re just finally getting around to optimizing your appliance’s performance -- we will have an appliance repair guy out as soon as you need. Further, let us know if you get error codes as these will help identify the problem.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Almost every washing machine in existence will stop spinning once the lid is opened. If yours is defective, it is important to repair it before it’s too late; there have been serious injuries to children due to this defect - in fact, back in the 30’s, "Ringer’s arm," was a term used to refer to such injuries. This means the problem almost 100 years ago lead to the lid switch getting put into almost every washing machine that exists today. Injuries are less common now, but a broken lid switch makes them just as possible as 100 years ago.


Palm Springs Appliance Repair Pros

1775 E Palm Canyon Dr #110-8, Palm Springs, CA 92264

(760) 536-7811
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we're open 7 days a week, 8AM - 8PM
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