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Refrigerator Repair in Palm Springs CA - (760) 536-7811

If your refrigerator isn’t working properly, don’t fret -- there’s not a single appliance repair that we can’t handle. Whether your refrigerator is unable to hold the right temperature or it just won’t turn on, our Palm Springs refrigerator repair experts are capable of troubleshooting the issue and coming up with an affordable solution.

During the diagnosis, we will locate the non-working refrigerator parts and mark them for replacement. We do this from your Palm Springs CA location. If anything else needs serviced along the way, we will suggest that as well.

To begin your refrigerator repair in Palm Springs CA through one of our licensed and highly qualified repair experts, we suggest you first make a summary of the problem-at-hand. If your fridge displays error codes, are any showing up? This pinpoints the cause almost always; at the very least, it should give you a general idea on the total cost for your refrigerator repair.

Most refrigerator parts needed can be picked up locally; if we cannot get the refrigerator parts in Palm Springs CA then they must be specially ordered in. So, specify your make and model of refrigerator when calling in with the initial request so we are as educated and qualified as possible. The easier it is to find the reason behind your problem, the faster we will be out of your hair.

Further, we accommodate businesses in the Palm Springs CA area that need emergency repairs for their commercial fridges (and other appliances) and we understand the importance of urgency. In fact, we even have landlords calling us when their tenants are in need -- again, nothing is more important than making sure your refrigerator repair gets handled in a timely manner.

If you are in dire need of a refrigerator repair in Palm Springs CA, just give us a call to discuss your fridge issues.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Are you having issues with a built-in refrigerator? If so, is it a model that contains forced air condensers? These are the ones that are made to be installed for in-wall use. Most refrigerator models have static condensers; if you don’t have the right setup, it could be a spell for disaster. The most notable concerns when installing the wrong type of refrigerator as a built-in model are: poor heating ventilation, compressor damage, and fire risks. Find out whether your in-wall refrigerator is really made to be there before undergoing a formal diagnosis.


Palm Springs Appliance Repair Pros

1775 E Palm Canyon Dr #110-8, Palm Springs, CA 92264

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